An Amazing Recovery from Cancer

I am 83 years old. About two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer plus two fairly large cancerous tumours in the vicinity of my bladder.

A blood test showed a high PSA reading of 700. An emergency prostate operation was performed followed by hormone medication, which brought the PSA reading down to 70. A few weeks later I underwent an oichidectomy, and then had 3 monthly blood tests and checks by the surgeon. The PSA went down to about 7 or 8. Then on my next appointment the surgeon was absolutely amazed by my PSA reading of 0.07! He suggested my wife and I should celebrate with a meal out and a good bottle of wine, then see him again after 6 months. That test and examination again showed the same as the last one, 0.08. The good doctors were all ecstatic again saying that I was really unbelievably lucky and again suggested celebration plus buying a Lotto ticket.

Needless to say happy as I was obeyed doctor’s orders, however the Lotto ticket was a dud, never mind! I started to think back to what could have been the cause of my good luck when it dawned on me that a few months prior to that first lucky test result I had started a daily course of organic selenium tablets supplied by Selenium House.

I am now looking forward to my next appointment with the surgeon which will be in November when I will question him about selenium. However whatever his comments are going to be, I myself am convinced that the selenium course I am taking is the cause of my good luck and improvement of my health generally.

Name and address withheld
North Island, New Zealand

Asthma Versus Selenium - Endorsement

Hi, I’m a 37 year old mother of two. I developed asthma for the first time in my life when I was19 years old. I had just moved from the country to a cold flat in Christchurch. I didn’t know what had hit me when I woke in the middle of the night finding it extremely hard to breath. Luckily my flat-mate was a nurse. She helped me and drove me to the hospital to be put on a nebuliser. At that stage I happened to move to Australia for a few years. The warmer temperatures seemed to make my asthma go away. When I moved back to Christchurch, in the middle of winter, the asthma picked up where it had started and I was back to the hospital and given ventilators to keep me breathing. I’ve had a struggle with asthma ever since. Then my mother told me about organic selenium tablets. She said that they worked wonders for asthma. I was keen to overcome this persistent problem so gave it a go. I took two selenium tablets 100mcg a day for three months, but this didn’t seem to help. Then I went onto four tablets 200mcg a day. Six months later I felt so much better. Before my colds used to go straight to my chest and I would develop bronchitis but I haven’t had a cold for over a year. I can exercise now. I’ve run in the city to surf twice in a row and have done women’s triathlons three years running which is amazing for me. Although I don’t want to sound like a cheesy advertisement I really do attribute my improvement in health to the Organic Selenium tablets and would recommend them to anyone wanting to overcome asthma.

Megan – Christchurch 27-07-07

Arthritis versus Selenium

I would like to share with you my experience with Organic Selenium.

I am a post polio person having had Polio at the age of 19 years. At the time I was diagnosed I was told I would never walk again. The medical team didn’t know me!! At the time I only had one interest and that was ballroom dancing, so to think I would never be able to do that again was so devastating it was the incentive I needed to work extremely hard on my exercises and heat treatments (the Sister Kenny treatment). I made a very good recovery and went on to live a “normal” life.

I am now in my early 70s and have had increasing stiffness and weakness for the last 20 years. The last 10 have been just awful. I was no longer able to go to the pool for exercise, I eventually gave up driving for the fear of causing an accident, I needed help to get up off a chair, and help getting dressed and doing household chores. I also needed to use a walker for support and help preventing falls. Pain was a real problem with stiffness and soreness in so many joints and muscles it felt if it was even in my bones.

After reading an article in Healthy Options magazine about a man who had been cured of Asthma by taking Organic Selenium I thought long and hard about that for ages. I had been taking all sorts of supplements for years with my very little help from them apart from the basic ones with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Eventually I rang the people concerned and they were so nice and helpful I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain. They sent me the Organic Selenium and I started taking it straight away. After about 2-3 months I felt different-just a little easier. I have been taking it for about 18 months and there has been a gradual improvement over that time. I no longer need my walker, am able to get out of my chair by myself. I can dress myself and do more chores. Best of all, I am now able to drive my car again after nearly 8 years!!! Oh the freedom. My muscles and joints feel as if they have been unlocked and the pain level has dropped well down. Yes I still have some pain but nothing like it was. Quite often it is because I have done too much instead of pacing myself – a result of feeling so good.

It is not a miracle pill (although I think it is) and because everyone’s metabolism is different as is their state of health, other will perhaps have a different result to mine. It could work quickly for some but with others it could be as I found it and take a year or more but oh boy, it’s worth the wait.

As a mineral, it is relatively safe to take. The tablets are very small and each one contains 50 micrograms of selenium in yeast form. It should be taken in the organic form in order to achieve maximum benefits. Inorganic selenium does not have the same degree of protection.

Jennifer – Blenheim March 2005



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