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Selenium was recognised for 40 years ago to be an essential mineral in animal and human nutrition. Selenium is fundamentally important to human and animal health and a critical part of the body's defence mechanism. Selenium plays a key role in the glutathione peroxidase (GPX) enzyme system, one of the most important antioxidant systems in the body.

Selenium content of grains and vegetables depends on the amount of the mineral in the soils in which the crops are grown. Soils in several areas of the world, including New Zealand are Selenium deficient.

Why do we need it ?
•  It is used by the body to make enzymes ( selenoproteins) for antioxidant defence
•  It has Cancer  protective properties
•  It aids the Thyroid gland and immune system to work properly
•  It protects the Heart function & assists with red blood cell metabolism
•  It improves Brain-mood function
•  It reduces Asthma attacks
•  It reduces Arthritic stiffness, swelling & loss of joint function
•  It helps prevent Chromosome damage
•  It is necessary for normal male Fertility
•  It helps to keep body's supply of vitamins C & E intact.

Are you Selenium deficient?
•  Selenium plasma levels in the body can be found by having a blood test when visiting the
    doctor. The New Zealand range is 0.45 - 1.40 micromoles per litre (umol/L).
•  The ideal range is 1.6 - 2+ Umol/L.  "Professor G.Schrauzer & Mayo Centre USA."
•   Selenium is not harmful to most people until intakes exceed 800 micrograms per day. 

Seleno Excell ™ contains high Selenium yeast in the organically bound natural form 
as found in many foodstuffs. Seleno Excell ™ is a registered trademark of Cypress 
Systems Inc. USA.

Each tablet contains:
                                           • Selenium ( as Selenium yeast )        200 mcg (micrograms)

Buy: Free postage in New Zealand
                                           • 1x bottle @ 180 capsules = $40
                                           • 2x bottles @ 360 capsules = $70 saving $10 
                                           • 3x bottles @ 540 capsules= $100 saving $20 
                                           • 4x bottles @ 720 capsules= $120 saving $40           

The health information on this website is from Selenium House research not suppliers of 
Selenium products. 


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